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Missouri River Wild Scenic Canoe Trip

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The Upper Missouri National Wild and Scenic River is a testament to the untouched beauty of the American West. Designated on October 12, 1976, it boasts segments of all three river classifications under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act: Wild, Scenic, and Recreational. This diversity of classifications reflects the varied landscapes found along the river, from riparian vegetation to the iconic White Cliffs and rugged Badlands.

Despite the absence of thrilling whitewater runs, the Upper Missouri offers a mesmerizing glimpse of the West as it once was. Its 149-mile stretch provides ample opportunities for recreation, including wildlife viewing, hiking, and camping. The river supports a rich diversity of wildlife and serves as a habitat for numerous species.

One of the most popular floats along the Upper Missouri is the scenic journey through the White Cliffs region. This typically spans three days, with visitors enjoying developed boat camps and hiking opportunities along the way. For those seeking a more remote experience, extending the trip to explore the Breaks of the lower river section offers a unique and captivating adventure.

To plan an excursion on the Upper Missouri, visitors should contact the Lewistown Field Office or the Fort Benton River Management Station. These points of contact can provide valuable information and assistance in organizing a memorable journey along this pristine river.

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