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Montana may be home to unbelievable scenery and the perfect playground for those looking for outdoor activities, but it is also so much more, it is also a cultural menagerie. Visit a reservation, learn native crafts, or take part in the daily life and historical practices of a Hutterite Colony. The possibilities are endless and exclusive to your visit to Montana.  

Brewery & Distillery Tours

Montana Brewery & Distillery Tours Dating Back Over 150 Years 

Starting way back in 1863 when Virginia City opened its first brewery, the Montana brewing and distilling tradition is still alive and well. From hoppy beers to our well-known lagers (and don't forget the whiskey) we feature some of the best. Though the old brewery no longer manufactures and now functions as a theatre, interested individuals have plenty of options to explore over 100 craft breweries and distilleries across the state. 

*Tours start at $100/person min. 2 people

Micro Brewery in Missoula
YNP Winter Tours


Experience a Different Side of the Park - Winter Tours in Yellowstone


Winter in Yellowstone means fewer crowds, frigid temperatures, and steaming geyser basins. Skis, snowshoes, snow coaches, and snowmobiles become the primary modes of transportation as roads close, rivers and lakes freeze, and winter storms blanket the park with fluffy, white snow. Restricted vehicle access and limited services make winter visits far different than the summer experience.

Although a must-see destination any time of the year, in the winter it becomes a paradise for adventure travelers. Not only is it a place where you can go snowmobiling and cross-country skiing past steaming geysers and hot springs, but you can also trek deep into the mountains, a traveler in a winter wonderland.

  • Prices start at $375 (minimum two people) per day

  • Multiple-day tours, camping, excursions & more are available. Contact us for a quote!

*View our policies.*

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Excited to get outdoors in Montana?

MSO River Trips

Three to Five-Day Missouri River Float Trips


While we work with clients any time of year to meet requests, Montana 406 Outdoor Adventures also offers at least three or four River-Wild and Scenic-River canoe trips every summer along the Missouri. Expert river guides with extensive historical knowledge of this unique area guide you through the waters, set up camp every night, and of course, cook up incredible campfire meals for a taste of Montana home cooking.

Having made the scenic 149-mile 3-5 day float on multiple occasions, we can tell you all firsthand and without hesitation that this is a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventure. 


About the Float


The Mighty Missouri is always flowing, slowly carving and shaping the land and the people who have called this area home. Especially unique for fellow Lewis and Clark historians, the eastward settling of the emerging nation made this river one of the most significant routes of expansion. Lewis and Clark’s Corp of Discovery marveled at “scenes of visionary enchantment” and the now-famous White Cliffs of the Missouri. Steamboats laden with fortune seekers, miners, and people “mining the miners” sealed the historic Fort Benton’s fate as the “world’s innermost port.” The Nez Perce Indians also laid their historic claim here by crossing the river in 1877, fleeing the U.S. Army in exile to reservation lands. Cave paintings and tipi sites are only a few of the potential points of interest.


This is a trip for those who want to get out as the explorers did. There is no cellphone service, there is no internet, and there are few, if any, other campers. The historic route is for those wanting to get away from it all and offers the opportunity for abundant wildlife sightings, historic viewings, and opportunities to get off the river and explore. 

  • Prices are all-inclusive and start at $1500 (minimum two people) 

  • Trips run in all sorts of weather, but it isn't uncommon to have late or early winter. It is recommended to plan for a summertime trip for the best experience.

*View our policies.*

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