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Lama Treks In Montana's Glacier Country

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Hiking with Llamas – Strong yet gentle, quiet yet agile, llamas make for the perfect companions on a pack trip into Montana’s Glacier Country. With their padded feet, innate cleanliness, calm demeanor, and ability to graze on a variety of vegetation, llamas leave no more impact in the high country than a deer. Alert and surefooted, these magnificent Andean natives effortlessly carry our gear as we wander along the Swan Divide of the Flathead National Forest. This trail offers breathtaking views of three surrounding wilderness areas, the Continental Divide, and Glacier National Park.

Embark on an unforgettable journey where nature crafts the most vivid memories: picture-perfect sunsets casting a peaceful glow over grazing llamas; invigorating swims in crystal-clear mountain lakes; tranquil naps in alpine meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers; gentle awakenings by curious deer; exhilarating sledding down mid-summer snowfields; refreshing dips into waterfall pools; spirited fishing for scrappy rainbow trout; indulging in trailside huckleberry feasts; and catching glimpses of mountain goats, elk herds, or soaring eagles.

Llama treks are fully customizable to suit your preferences. For hikers seeking to explore the area without the hassle of horseback riding or lugging their own gear, these excursions are perfect. Swan Mountain Llama Trekking stands as the premier llama trekking company in the Crown of the Continent!

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