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Fly Fishing on the Blackfoot Reservation

YNP Winter Tours

Fishing in the Paradise of the Blackfeet Reservation offers a truly unique experience for those seeking big trout, pristine waters, and genuine hospitality. As we gear up for the Spring fishing season starting on Sunday, May 5th, we're excited to welcome four guests who have a passion for fly fishing and some experience on the water.

During your stay in one of our cozy guest cabins, you'll be treated to delicious meals prepared by Diana, with lunch served out on the water. Plan on fishing from dawn to dusk, exploring small, medium, and large lakes rich in insect life. Early in the season, we'll fish with nymphs, wet flies, and streamers, transitioning to dry flies by later May and early fall.

Most of our fishing will be done from the banks of the lakes, as many fish tend to congregate near shorelines after ice-out and during spawning season. We recommend chest waders and optional float tubes for added effectiveness.

Expect varying sizes and species of trout depending on the lake, with some lakes producing 2-5 pound rainbow or brown trout, and others boasting larger specimens exceeding 10 pounds. We strictly adhere to a catch and release policy, ensuring the fish are released unharmed. For those interested, our taxidermist can mount fish with accompanying photos and measurements before release.

We're excited for the camaraderie and adventure that awaits in the big country of the Blackfeet Reservation. Our first week will host four guests, either as singles or couples, with a price of $3995 per person or $7495 per couple. Feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts you may have. Get ready for an unforgettable fishing experience in paradise!

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