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Emigrant Peak guided climb in Paradise Valley

YNP Winter Tours

Length: 6 miles Duration: 4-7 hours Difficulty: Very challenging Elevation Gain: 4,687 feet Activities: Hiking, skiing Crowds: Light traffic

About: Emigrant Peak stands as a formidable pinnacle in the North Absaroka Range, also known as the Western Beartooths, casting its shadow over Paradise Valley and the quaint town of Emigrant. This trail is not for the faint-hearted—it demands endurance and stamina from the get-go. The path winds through dense timber and verdant meadows in the lower reaches. As you progress, the trail runs alongside a lengthy livestock fence before gradually fading away. Press onward and upward; the summit awaits. Once above treeline, navigate the northwest ridge, negotiating rocks and scree, and bypassing several deceptive summits until you finally conquer the peak.

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