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Chinese Wall Horse Pack Trip

YNP Winter Tours

Embark on an epic adventure into the heart of Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Chinese Wall, a massive limestone escarpment that stretches for over a dozen miles.

The journey begins at the Benchmark Trailhead, located approximately 22 miles west of Augusta, Montana. From here, the loop route covers approx hikers can choose between an out-and-back or loop hike to reach the Chinese Wall.imately 60 miles and can take anywhere from five to eight days to complete. Setting off from the Benchmark Trailhead, hikers cross the South Fork of the Sun River on a wooden bridge before embarking on their wilderness trek.

The trail initially follows the South Fork of the Sun River, offering extended views through the recovering landscape of a past forest fire. Hikers will encounter several river crossings along the way, so caution is advised, especially during spring melt.

After approximately 20 miles of hiking along both branches of the river, the route veers west on Trail 131, following the contour of Moose Creek. This section of the hike offers heavily wooded terrain and stunning views of the surrounding wilderness.

Eventually, hikers will reach a broad east-facing section of the Chinese Wall, where several campsites are available. Camping close to the Wall allows for a day of leisurely exploration along Trail 203, which spans the Wall from north to south.

Continuing south along the Wall, hikers will climb to a small mountain pass, where a side trail offers panoramic views of the Chinese Wall. The journey then descends to meet the South Fork of the Sun River along Burnt Creek.

Finally, after approximately 16 miles, hikers will complete the loop at the original junction and return to the Benchmark Trailhead, completing an unforgettable adventure through the rugged wilderness of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex.

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