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The scenic sights in the Seeley-Swan.


The Seeley-Swan scenic drive is a 90-mile long corridor along Highway 83 stretching through the Swan Valley from Seeley Lake to Swan Lake. This is lake country. Hundreds of natural lakes, ranging in size from a few acres to several thousands of acres, are squeezed into this narrow, heavily forest valley. To the west, the Mission Mountains rise majestically and to the east the Swan Range walls off this pristine valley, giving travelers here a unique feeling of solitude.

In addition to its wilderness, the Seeley Swan offers abundant opportunity for outdoor recreation from boating to fishing, from snowmobiling to dog sledding, from golfing to horseback riding; there is no end to the fun you can have. Just pick your favorite season and be ready to be active.

The Seeley Swan Valley butts up against the Bob Marshall Wilderness (known to locals as 'the Bob'). Straddling the Continental Divide, 'the Bob' joins other wilderness areas to form more than 1.5 million acres of protected forest accessible only by trail.

Hiking to the Holland Lake waterfall is a favorite afternoon stroll for families. The trailhead is three miles off Highway 83. Old Squeezer Loop road offers an outstanding Audubon-recognized birding area. This small creek-bottom area contains two short-loop trails, complete with wildlife viewing benches. South of Swan Lake 12 miles on Highway 83. Across from the State Lands Headquarters, take Goat Creek Road east for 1.5 miles. At the fork, turn right - about two miles on Old Squeezer Road.

To see wildlife from the water, check out the Clearwater Canoe Trail. An easy, meandering route, this four-mile journey takes about one to two hours. The put-in is four miles north of Seeley Lake on Highway 83.

In the winter, Seeley Lake is a major hub for cross-country skiers and snowmobilers, with hundreds of miles of groomed trails in the mountains.


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